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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi Y'all Happy Fall!

Ok, so I am the worlds worst blogger... what 1 every 3 months or so, if that!  Today, though, I blog out of want.  You see one of my fav on line fabric companies will put in 10 entries if I blog about their $50 shopping spree. They have made it so much fun to play; like me on twitter & post your tweet, same on pinterest, facebook & all of those get you 1 point... but if you blog about & post your link you get 10 points... so here I am blogging... I had forgotten how much fun this is.  Like having a conversation with myself that just might be responded to by someone other than myself.  Just wanted to have a big shout out to Warehouse Fabrics Inc.  thanks for the contest & oh btw, I'd love to win a $50.00 shopping spree!  TIA... :p

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